In a Motorcycle Crash in Oregon? You Need an Accident Attorney

Have you been in a serious motorcycle crash in Oregon? This is your cue to hire an accident attorney to represent you and help you obtain compensation. At the Kang Law Group, we’re well aware that motorcycle crashes can have life-changing consequences. That’s why we offer our experienced legal services to riders and other victims of vehicle crashes involving motorcycles. We know that you need assistance receiving appropriate compensation and dealing with the insurance company.

The Danger of Motorcycle Crashes in Oregon and Washington

Unfortunately, crashes involving motorcycles are on the rise, with a 16.41% increase from 2020 to 2021 according to Oregon traffic statistics. In one recent year, there were at least 251 crashes statewide that involved motorcycles, and someone died in 44 of those crashes. In Washington, the statistics are even worse. Motorcycle riders accounted for 16 percent of all traffic fatalities statewide from 2018-2022 (492 motorcycle operator deaths of 3,076 total traffic fatalities). As a 2023 Washington Traffic Safety Commission press release announcing increased traffic patrols states: “In 2022 alone, preliminary data shows 132 motorcycle rider fatalities in Washington, possibly the most in a single year in our state’s history. This was a 43 percent increase over 2021.” These shocking numbers highlight that motorcycle crashes are an unfortunate reality in Oregon and Washington.

Although drivers are supposed to stay aware of other vehicles on the road, the smaller size of motorcycles can make them easier to miss for inattentive car and truck drivers. Moreover, motorcycle riders are likely to be thrown from their bikes during crashes, which can result in severe injuries.

The types of serious injuries that motorcycle riders may suffer include:

  • Road rash
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Burns
  • Concussions and head trauma

Although road rash may not sound like a serious concern, scraping against the roadway or hitting it at highway speeds can significantly injure a motorcycle rider. Road rash is a dangerous injury that can become infected or even require skin grafts, depending on its severity.

Many accidents involving a motorcycle and a car or truck result in broken bones because motorcyclists are not protected by the walls of a car. Impact with another vehicle can critically injure a rider, who may have a broken pelvis, ribs, arms, or legs. Moreover, motorcycle riders can suffer internal injuries from contact with the other vehicle, the roadway, or their motorcycle. Crushing or impact injuries are common in these accidents. Issues like internal bleeding or lacerated organs are not always obvious until hours or days after a crash.

Motorcyclists suffer other serious injuries too, such as burns and concussions. Again, without the protection of a car around them, riders may be closer to hot car parts and fumes from the accident. And although many motorcycle riders smartly put on their helmets to ride, a helmet can’t fully protect against a significant impact, like if a rider’s head hits the road or another vehicle.

Why People Involved in Motorcycle Crashes Need Legal Help

While discussing these serious injuries may feel grim, it only emphasizes how important it is for anyone involved in a motorcycle crash to hire a competent accident lawyer. Whether you are a motorcycle rider who was hit or you are a car or truck driver involved in a crash with a motorcyclist, you need legal advice to protect your rights.

For motorcycle riders, you may have the legitimate concern that the insurance company will short you on compensation because the representatives don’t acknowledge your significant injuries or undervalue the many damages you have suffered. At the Kang Law Group, we help motorcyclists prove the value of their cases to the insurance companies and argue for fair compensation. We’re very familiar with the types of arguments that insurance companies make to avoid paying out to motorcyclists.

For other vehicle operators involved in accidents with motorcyclists, you may worry that you’ll be found at fault even though you were driving safely. You also may be concerned about liability for a motorcyclist’s significant injuries when you have significant injuries from the accident, too. We’re here to explain your rights and determine the true issues at stake from your accident. We’ll help you deal with the insurance company so you can receive fair compensation for your damages.

Need Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident? Call the Kang Law Group

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s time to seek out the motorcycle crash lawyers who can help. The Kang Law Group’s knowledgeable team of auto accident injury lawyers can help you deal with the insurance company. We’re here to give you insightful legal advice about your options. Our firm offers free and confidential consultations to accident victims and their families in Oregon and Washington. Contact us at (503) 646-3131 or message us online to learn more.