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Most of us depend on our doctors and other healthcare professionals to give us good advice, identify medical problems, and in some cases, care for our loved ones. While bad outcomes do not always mean the medical professional has failed in their duty, sometimes their actions have caused a patient harm.

Medical Malpractice – Personal Injury Lawyers

We depend on our doctors and other healthcare professionals to give us good advice, identify medical problems, and sometimes care for our loved ones. While bad outcomes do not always mean the medical professional has failed in their duty, sometimes their actions have caused a patient harm.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury in Portland, OR, through the actions or negligence of a medical professional, you could have grounds to file a Personal Injury – Medical Malpractice lawsuit to recover damages. The Kang Law Group offers a free case evaluation if you or a loved one suspect you are a victim of medical malpractice in Oregon.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional provides you with care that does not meet the proper standard.” Acts of commission and negligence, or omissions, can both constitute malpractice:

  • A healthcare provider fails to act when a reasonably competent physician or provider with similar training would have.
  • You receive treatment and the care provided falls below the level of care a similarly trained professional would have offered under the same circumstances.

The negligence might be the result of errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management.

Under the law, medical malpractice must be definitively proven by certain factors. “The injured patient must show that the physician acted negligently in rendering care, and that such negligence resulted in injury. To do so, four legal elements must be proven:

1. A professional duty was owed to the patient

2. There was a breach of such duty

3. An injury was caused by the breach

4. The injury resulted in damages

The Duty of Care

The law and the medical profession agree that certain standards constitute acceptable treatment that prudent and adequately trained medical professionals should provide in similar circumstances. This is known as the standard of care. You have every right to expect that such care will be delivered to you or your loved one. If this standard of care was not met, this can be considered negligence, or a breach of the duty of care by your healthcare provider or facility.

Sustaining Injury

Violating the duty of care is not enough to levy charges of medical malpractice. You or your loved one must have sustained an injury that would not have occurred in the absence of such negligence. Unfavorable outcomes are not usually a result of malpractice.

Significant Damages

Significant damages must have resulted from the injury incurred by negligence. Smaller or insignificant damages may not be worth pursuing a costly personal injury lawsuit. Significant injuries worthy of charging medical malpractice would include unusual pain, suffering, or hardship, disability, loss of income, significant future costs for medical care, or death.

Where Could You Suffer from Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice can be committed by any type of healthcare provider or care facility that is bound to offer competent medical care. This can include doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, emergency centers, walk-in clinics, surgical centers, rehab centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more. Any professional healthcare worker or facility that provided you with substandard services that caused an injury and significant loss can and should be held accountable for the consequences.

Some examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Misreading or ignoring laboratory results
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Surgical errors or wrong site surgery
  • Improper medication or dosage
  • Poor follow-up or aftercare
  • Premature discharge
  • Disregarding or not taking appropriate patient history
  • Failure to order proper testing
  • Failure to recognize symptoms

Virtually anyone could become a victim of medical malpractice. Any patient at a medical facility could sustain an injury from negligent actions or neglect, and suffer losses. The Kang Law Group is committed to helping such victims in Portland hold accountable those practitioners that breach the acceptable standard of care we all expect.

Why Choose The Kang Law Group for Portland Medical Malpractice Cases?

The Kang Law Group is committed to serving Portland area residents when they suffer injury due to the negligence of others. It is tragic when the very professionals we expect to provide care when we are sick or injured cause us further injury. Providing medical care is too critically important to allow negligent practitioners to continue. We can help you hold negligent medical providers and facilities accountable when they violate the acceptable standard of care and cause injuries.

Medical malpractice lawsuits require an intimate knowledge of the law and how it applies to the medical profession and healthcare providers. The team at The Kang Law Group has the expertise and skills necessary to research your case and prove the necessary elements for medical malpractice. We work tirelessly to win our medical malpractice clients the most compensation possible to help offset their losses.

Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury Cases in Oregon

Victims of medical malpractice can incur incredible consequences from a healthcare provider’s negligence. Pain and suffering, extensive medical treatments, long-term rehabilitation, loss of career or ability to work, loss of faith in the medical profession, and huge financial costs are only some of the losses you and your loved ones may face. The Kang Law Group will aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible to help offset your physical, emotional, and mental losses.

If you or someone you love suffered needlessly and you believe that their medical team acted in violation of the acceptable standard of care, you may have the basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact The Kang Law Group today for a free case evaluation. Call us at (503) 626-3131 or schedule a consultation online. Your consultation is free and we can help with valuable information about your options.