Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle riders often face hidden dangers. Not only do they have to be careful of pedestrians stepping out in front of them, but they also have to be aware of traffic signals, erratic drivers, and parked cars which pose a risk of being “doored”.

Bike Riders and Car Hazards

When a driver is not paying attention because they become distracted, it can be hazardous to someone traveling on a bicycle. It only takes a few seconds for a driver to slightly move from their lane into a lane where a bicycle is traveling, and the outcome can result in a serious injury to a rider. Over the course of one recent year, Oregon reported 475 accidents involving bicycle operators and Washington reported 108.

Insurance Company Adjusters and Bike Riders

When you suffer an injury and need to file an insurance claim, you may run into challenges. Drivers must report accidents to their insurer and the insurance company will open the claim. However, they may also try to minimize their liability. Using a combination of police reports, witness statements, and traffic cameras, a bike accident attorney may be able to help you prove your claim.

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