Motorcycle Accidents


A motorcycle is a fun, cost-efficient way to explore Oregon and Washington. Unfortunately, operators often find that cars and trucks are not paying enough attention to avoid a wreck. In one recent year, the two states had nearly 1,300 accidents involving motorcycles.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a 3,000 pound car hits an 800-pound motorcycle, the operator is likely to be thrown from the bike. Unfortunately, this often means they will suffer serious injuries including:

  • Road rash — while many believe road rash is a minor issue, this is often not the case. Motorcyclists can suffer deep abrasions which in addition to being painful are susceptible to infection.
  • Broken bones — nearly any accident involving a car and motorcycle will involve at least one broken bone. In some cases, victims could suffer a broken pelvis, ribs, or extremities. These injuries take time to heal, and victims could require physical therapy to get back to their prior physical condition.
  • Internal injuries — these injuries may not show up for days following an accident. Victims may suffer ruptured organs, internal bruising, or internal bleeding as a result of a motorcycle accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a roadway crash involving a car and a motorcycle and suffered an injury in Portland, Salem, and Northwest Oregon, or Vancouver and Southwest Washington, contact Kang Law Group today and let us review your case.