In a Car Wreck on a Rainy Day – Do You Need an Accident Attorney?

If you have been in a car wreck on a rainy day due to someone else not driving safely, you probably need an accident attorney. Bad weather leads to many automobile accidents in Oregon. But in multi-car accidents, drivers can’t simply blame the weather. The truth is that another driver may be at fault for your accident because they weren’t driving safely. When weather alone didn’t cause your crash, you may need legal advice about compensation.

Rainy Day Car Accidents – Who Is at Fault?

Wondering if you can recover compensation for your car accident? The ability to recover under Oregon law depends on who caused the accident. On a rainy day, many factors may combine and lead to a crash. For example, the roads may be slick from water and oil. Slippery roads can lead to traction problems for cars and trucks. It may be dark and stormy, making visibility poor. Bad weather can cause tree branches and debris to fall on the road. You may even notice traffic lights going out in your area.

Many people do not take proper care when driving in rainy conditions. Driving too fast for conditions was the third most common driver error in 2021 Oregon motor vehicle crashes. It’s important to reduce speed, turn headlights on, and use windshield wipers appropriately in bad weather. However, slower speeds on the road can make some drivers frustrated and aggressive. Others forget to take appropriate steps when driving in the rain such as braking gently and earlier than on a dry road, or accelerating gently to avoid spinning out.

When another driver fails to take these simple precautions, they may cause an accident. On a rainy day, though, all bets are off. Even if the other driver does take ample precautions, an accident still could happen. If you were hit by another driver on a rainy day, you may be concerned that it will be hard to recover for your losses. Can’t the other driver’s insurance company blame the accident on bad weather?

Liability in Weather-Related Car Accidents

Regardless of the weather on the day of your accident, you’ll need to establish who was at fault. Car accident lawyers focus on which driver caused the accident to determine fault. It doesn’t matter if there was bad weather for legal liability purposes when the other driver was driving without taking proper care. Although weather may have been a factor in the accident, the other driver is responsible for his or her actions when operating a vehicle. That’s why the law holds them responsible for causing a crash.

The other driver could have chosen to slow down and follow the traffic laws or simply stay home. However, they didn’t do so – which is why you’re in this situation. In other words, the insurance company can’t just blame the accident on bad weather when the other driver caused the accident because of poor choices.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Rainy Day Accident Case?

If you believe that the other driver caused your rainy day accident, you definitely need a lawyer. Even if you’re not sure who is at fault, getting a free consultation from a lawyer is a good idea. A good car crash lawyer can help you make sure you receive appropriate compensation for your losses from the accident. You want a lawyer who won’t let the insurance company get away with blaming the weather.

Instead, your lawyer can assess the other driver’s fault in the accident by examining evidence, such as witness statements, photos from the scene, damage to your car, and police reports. If you have received a lowball offer to settle from the insurance company, your lawyer can assist you with negotiating for a more reasonable settlement. If a settlement isn’t in the cards, your lawyer can take your case to court.

Don’t underestimate the power of having an accident lawyer on your side. The knowledge and experience that a good lawyer brings to your case can make all the difference. Car crash lawyers handle many cases every year, including rainy day accidents. They know what a fair settlement is and how to negotiate for it. They’ll help you when you need it most after your accident.

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