Personal Injury Overview: Accidents and Compensations

Male Motorist With Whiplash Injury In Car Crash Getting Out Of Vehicle

The United States currently has 280 million vehicles in operation and more than 227.5 million licensed drivers. It makes the country prone to all types of vehicular accidents. These accidents usually result in various types of personal injuries, which can vary in severity from minor to life-threatening.

If you get involved in a vehicular accident and get injured, you might be able to collect compensation to cover for the treatment costs and other expenses. This article will inform you of the different injury claims and the payments you can expect.

The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury can be classified into different categories based on the type of vehicle involved and the extent of the resulting harm. Here are the different types of accidents that Kang Law Group can help you with:

  • Auto Accident

Auto accidents refer to any car mishaps that threaten or harm an individual. If you get hit by a drunken or negligent driver, you deserve coverage that will take care of your recovery expenses and sudden loss of income. 

  • Truck Accident

Truck accidents are an unfortunate incident involving a big rig, semi-trailer, or commercial truck. The bigger the vehicle, the more extensive the injury one can get; therefore, the higher your compensation should be. Truck accidents can even result in death, which makes it an even complicated case. 

  • Motorcycle Accident

This life-changing accident involves people riding their motorcycles. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to significant impacts and harm. In this situation, you can retrieve personal injury costs against the other car involved.

  • Bicycle Accident

Bicycle riders are also susceptible to getting into accidents. Since riding a bike does not offer as much protection as other vehicles, you can suffer from serious injuries and even death. In some situations, the bicyclist is to blame, but the motorist may also be liable for the accident. The more you can be certain that you are not at fault, the greater the need to have a personal injury lawyer to assist you.

  • Pedestrian Accident

Any accident involving someone on foot and another party, whether it is a motor vehicle, bicycle, or running animal, is considered a pedestrian accident. It is a traumatic experience that can happen to anyone, and victims deserve all the compensation they can get, especially if they have not broken any law. 

  • Wrongful Death

If someone dies because of someone’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing, that case can result in wrongful death. While there is a criminal prosecution that will take care of the case, wrongful death is another civil lawsuit action different from the trial. The wrongful death claim can arise when a supposed victim of personal injury can no longer claim their benefits because of their sudden death.

What You Can Get from Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury can affect many aspects of one’s life, and at Kang Law Group, we understand the importance of getting our clients the benefits they deserve. Different injuries and expenses can come from a personal injury, and you should receive the following compensations:

  • Payment for your past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Compensation for your past and future income loss
  • Monetary compensation for your pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Monetary compensation for losing life enjoyment 
  • Monetary compensation for losing companionship (if applicable)


In the eyes of the law, every negligent action should have a proper consequence, and for us, every life is valuable. Our team will carefully study your situation and accurately compute the right compensation you must get. We always consider the potential charges that you may come across and include them in our computation.
If you find yourself involved in an unexpected injury, in need of a personal injury attorney to help you in navigating an injury suit, we are here, ready to assist. Kang Law Group specializes in personal injury claims and wrongful death cases that involve uninsured motorists and any type of vehicle. We collect no attorneys’ fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf. Contact (503) 646-3131 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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