Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit and the Time It Takes

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Getting into a car accident can be petrifying. It can induce so much damage to your car as you need to go to the hospital to ensure everything is still intact and healthy. This can mean many expenses that need to be attended to immediately, reducing any savings and funds that you have.

It’s recommended to file an auto accident lawsuit so that you can receive compensation. However, you might not think of filing a case immediately after the incident. You may think about filing a case 1-2 weeks after the accident and ask yourself if it’s already too late to pursue the lawsuit at this point. Here’s what you need to know:

Should You File Immediately?

Every law firm would encourage you to file immediately, or at least as soon as you can. Dealing with a recent incident means you, the involved party, and several witnesses will still have a fresh recollection of the events that transpired in the auto accident. Evidence can be traced better to build a case too.

Can You File a Lawsuit a Year After the Accident?

Although it is preferable to file the auto accident lawsuit after the crash, it is possible to file it a year later too. Oregon law actually allows car crash victims a two-year grace period to file a lawsuit, with the countdown starting at the date of the accident. As long as the lawsuit is filed within those two years, the case will be accepted, and you may receive compensation.

It’s also important to note that if a victim dies in a car crash, their family can still file an auto accident lawsuit in their name. However, instead of just two years, family members are allowed to file a case within three years. The countdown also begins at the date of the accident.

How Long Are the Cases Handled?

Upon filing, the timeline of the case can vary. If the involved parties review the case and offer settlement instead, that would be potentially case closed. If you disagree with the settlement, you may voice out so. 

If the case is taken to court, expect it to take around a year or so before it’s settled and compensation is promised. Most personal injury cases involving auto accidents can take a while to assess. Speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer who will be able to argue and win your case.

How Long Until I’m Compensated?

This can also depend on the timeline of the case or the negotiation for the settlement. When both parties agree upon an amount, expect to get the compensation after a short period of time. Releasing compensation can take about 2-4 weeks. 

Since the processing and getting of compensation can take a while, it is strongly recommended to file the auto accident lawsuit as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have to be kept waiting, and you can access compensation sooner.


Filing an auto accident lawsuit should be done in consideration of the time that goes into it. You can file the lawsuit months after the accident, but you don’t need to wait that long, especially when you’re looking to get the whole thing sorted out as soon as possible. 

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