Crash and Claim: Medical Liens and Their Technicalities

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Accidents happen. Even if we are cautious about our daily activities, we can’t always avoid accidents. It’s just a simple fact of life that does not exempt anyone, not even the youngest, oldest, poorest, or richest citizens of our nation. As long as we’re driven by our activities and doing various things daily, there will always be a risk of getting involved in a sudden accident.

In such a case, it’s safe to say that everyone should have health insurance to have their expenses covered and lowered if ever something were to happen. However, even a powerful health insurance policy may still not save you from the occurrence of medical liens.

What Is a Medical Lien?

A medical lien enables health insurance companies and hospitals to take a portion of your compensation right after the accident. To further elaborate, after being involved in the said accident, you will likely be rescued by an ambulance and brought straight to a hospital so they may treat your wounds and injuries. 

The charges and fees incurred for your treatment will still be billed in your name, so after your health insurance pays for all the hospital fees, they may simply just take a certain amount from the compensation you’d get from the party at fault. Think of it as a collateral amount—something that they may acquire from you in exchange for covering your emergency expenses.

What Can I Do about Medical Liens?

Medical liens may seem very intrusive, especially for a person who just went through a rough patch. The trauma, anxiety, and the underlying fear of being involved in another accident would still linger, even after weeks since the incident had passed. In such a case, it is never a good time to disturb and ask someone to pay for their dues, as they may still be under shock.

If you happen to be one of those who are in a similar situation, take note of the following pointers to lighten up the burden during such challenging times:

1. Consult a Legal Counsel

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You’ve just gone through a horrifying experience, and you will need the help of an expert to handle the extra stress brought about by the medical lien. Ask about your rights and discuss all your options, along with the possibility of the lien being dismissed altogether. 

2. Negotiate the Terms of the Lien

Negotiate the amount of the lien as much as possible. You don’t always have to pay in full, especially if the accident isn’t your fault. Ask the health insurance company or hospital if you may pay or settle for less. Let them know of the situation you are currently in and that paying upfront would not be a possible option for you.

3. Analyze If the Amount of the Lien Is Fair

Ask around and see if the fees are all fair. See that you’re not being overcharged for the treatment services you have received after the accident and ask for legal advice if you’re still being demanded to pay it regardless of the data you’ve gathered.


Being involved in an accident is bad enough, but what’s worse is having to cope with all the huge expenses that come after. Be vigilant enough to ask about your rights, ask about the fair amount of charges, and feel free to seek legal help if you think that something’s not right. 

You do not need to handle all of the stress of coping with the trauma and shouldering the fees. You may opt for a wiser approach, instead, one that will help you get through the rough times, further emphasized by the medical liens.

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