5 Tips for Ensuring You Receive a Fair Insurance Settlement

Whenever you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, such as a motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice, it’s crucial to hold them responsible for all the suffering and financial loss they caused. Unfortunately, their insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve, deploying a strategy known as 3D or delay, deny, and defend.

Suffering from a personal injury often leads to expensive medical bills and loss of income, particularly when you are incapacitated and cannot return to work for a while. However, there are few ways to play insurance companies at their own game and emerge with a fair settlement. 

Here are five tips for achieving that:

1. Coordinate with a Lawyer for Personal Injury

Once you get into an accident, it’s crucial to have a lawyer by your side for navigating an injury suit properly. Tell them everything there is to know about your medical history, including illnesses and past injuries. Doing this will protect you from insurance companies leveraging your pre-existing conditions and medical history as a surprise attack against you, as they can track all claims you’ve made. They’ll reveal whatever they can to avoid paying you what you’re due, so be sure to tell your attorney about all your past problems. Otherwise, insurers will argue that your injuries are due to earlier medical issues.

  • Keep a Record of All Medical Expenses and Lost Income

Keep all copies of everything, including bills, prescriptions, and receipts for the medicines you take to treat your injury. Be sure to save all bills relevant to your claims, like therapy, home aids, and hospital expenses.

Additionally, keep a complete record of your lost income. Your accident lawyer can work with you to request a statement from your employer detailing your pay rate, hours lost, hours worked weekly, and other losses you’ve incurred. Be sure to retain copies of your payslips and time cards.

  • Take Note of How Your Life Has Changed

Your lawyer may ask you to take lots of notes while you’re recovering, which are excellent for demonstrating how much your life has changed since your accident. For example, keeping a daily record of your physical and emotional experiences after the incident, even if they may seem dull or not exciting, will show the difficulties you’ve encountered. Be sure to write all changes in your personal, work, and family life as well.

  • Don’t Talk to Anyone or Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer

It is imperative to make sure you don’t discuss your case with anyone, whether they’re your family, friends, coworkers, or your boss. This is especially true over social media, where a record of your conversations will be saved. Do not talk to the other party’s lawyers or insurers since these conversations may be recorded and used against you. Keep all conversations about the case confined to your discussions with your attorney. Additionally, do not sign anything without your lawyer’s consent. If you receive communication from anyone connected to your case, send copies to your lawyer right away and keep the original one safe.

  • Keep All Evidence

Lastly, store all evidence or items linked to your case safely, like the clothing you wore, photos you’ve taken, defective parts that contributed to the incident, or foreign substances related to your injury. Keep all medicine bottles and physical therapy devices instrumental in your recovery since they can help you build a stronger case.


The other party and their insurer will do everything they can to avoid reimbursing you for your medical expenses, suffering experienced, and lost income that resulted from their negligence. To ensure you get what you rightfully deserve, work with a lawyer and follow these tips, and you’ll have your best shot at getting a fair insurance settlement.

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