4 Common Mistakes of People Involved in a Car Accident

car accident

Being caught in a car accident in Oregon or any other place can be stressful—to say the least. It is a life-threatening and scary experience that no one wants to be involved in. However, they can happen unexpectedly, through no fault of yours. Still, no matter how drastic the situation is, try to remain as calm as possible. 

Panicking never does anyone good. Instead, it could bring more trouble to you and others involved in the accident. No matter what happens, try to be alert and avoid making these mistakes: 

Mistake 1: Not Reporting the Accident

Typically, when an accident happens, the parties involved may try to resolve the problem independently. This is common in situations where no serious injury or property damage was observed. However, it could be one of the worst mistakes you could make. 

Always report the accident to law enforcement no matter what kind of settlement you decide on. There are unfortunate times when people would only feel the injury or realize their vehicle damage right after the discussion. When that happens with no police report involved, you cannot formally prove that the accident occurred. Therefore, you may not get the compensation you deserve.

Mistake 2: Leaving the Scene Immediately After

If you get into an accident and decide to flee the scene, you can face multiple charges once the police catch you. Leaving the scene to escape would not do you any good. Instead, it would make you criminally and civilly liable for the case. Here are the things you should do instead of running away:

  • Stay in the scene
  • Check the condition of everyone involved
  • Call 911 immediately to report the incident

Mistake 3: Saying No to Medical Treatment

As previously mentioned, some after-effects of the incident may only manifest after a few hours or days, so even though you feel fine after the accident, have a doctor examine you. Through the help of a, you might recognize physical and health problems that stemmed from the accident.

Failing to do this and then finding out later that you have an injury could result in greater expenses later, primarily since the other party’s insurance provider might not entertain situations like this. 

Mistake 4: Accepting Whatever Is Offered

Admittedly, going through the formal process of compensation can be long and tiring for some. That is why more people are tempted to grab onto whatever the other party offers just to be done with it. However, not following the procedure and taking matters into your hands could result in you getting less than you deserve.

You should consider many factors during the settlement process. Accident lawyers can help you get the proper compensation you deserve, depending on your situation. Instead of agreeing to the first settlement, accept the letter and return a demand letter stating the total amount you need. Your lawyer could do this for you. 


Car accidents are confusing, and no one can ever fully prepare for them. Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, keep them in mind and always think of the possible consequences later. Working with a lawyer can also help you handle the situation better. They have the right resources to speed up the process, and they can determine the right amount of compensation you truly deserve. 

Let a professional accident lawyer in Beaverton do the work for you. We at Kang Law Group understand the hardships that can come with an unexpected injury. We are committed to pursuing the compensation you need to make a full recovery.

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